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So, since I got the code to make my LJ display (over on [ profile] g_shadowslayer) random headers, I've been going a little wacky. There will be more, but these are the ones I've done so far. They're all 675x300 pixels in size. If you guys want to use any, just please credit somewhere in your userinfo :)


Peter & Edmund, 'Forgiven'

Peter & Edmund, 'Defenders of Narnia'

Pevensies, 'Sons of Adam, Daughters of Eve'

Peter & Edmund, 'Princes of Narnia'

Edmund, 'Warrior Prince'

Peter/Edmund (I'm so going to hell...)

Harry Potter

Tom Riddle (Tom/Blaise (AU))

Tom Riddle (Skandar Keynes as young Tom on the Hogwarts Express)

Tom Riddle (Blue/green stone)

Tom Riddle (outstretched hand)

Stargate Atlantis

Wingy!Sheppard 'Flyboy'

Acastus Kolya 'Obsession'


Sam & Dean Winchester
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Warning -- VERY image-heavy. If you have dialup, I apologize for that! I've tested it on my dialup, and the last few icons didn't show up the first time. After I right-clicked and 'show image'-ed, they showed up, though. I've put all of them behind a cut to keep it from freaking out anyone's friends' pages.

These are all of the various icons I've made so far. Most of them were made specifically for various friends for RPG characters and other private use. Please do not take any of these icons without asking first.

Lots and lots of icons )

Wow, that's a lot of icons... So, soon, there should be a post with some new ones I've made for people to snag. Enjoy!


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